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Ellsworth and Jones Block 1901
511 Washington Avenue
Iowa Falls, Iowa

This is a three-story brick single store front with highly decorative neo-classical details virtually unaltered interior as well as exterior. At one time there were steps leading down to the basement level on Washington but this was later closed because the railing came out onto the sidewalk and the steps leading down created a safety hazard. Part of the basement walls are plastered so maybe Ellsworth and Jones needed more office space at the time. The plumber used the back part of the basement so he would have easy access to the alley. The photographer used the part of the basement closest to Washington and for his dark room he stuck up cardboard in the spaces were light came through.

This building is now on the national Register of historic Places. In 2001 the building turned 100. In some of the older pictures you can see another building next to the Ellsworth and Jones building, this building was also built by Mr. Ellsworth but burnt down in 1976 and nothing was ever put in its place. The space now is used for parking for the Nissly& Nissly staff.

In 1994 the outside of the building was some what remodeled. The east wall was stripped and had a new kind of brick laid on it. On the roof all the chimneys were redone and the roof was re tarred. The front of the building was re painted and some stuff was taken off at the top. A new front window was installed a few years later. The inside of the building has a mural that goes all the way around the top in the front office we had this repainted in 2001 and also had new carpet put in and repainted the walls on the inside. This year we poured new cement out back were we park the old cement was probably as old as the building so it was full of pot holes and such.

In 2015, downtown Iowa Falls building's were awarded a $1.4 million Community Development Block Grant by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.  This allowed some buildings in the downtown location to renovate and restore their upper levels making them desireable rental spaces for family or single living.  This building underwent months of construction on the 2nd and 3rd floors during that time.  And today, the two spaces are available to rent.   

Businesses through the years


  • Ellsworth and Jones
  • AAA Agricultural Office
  • PMA Production Management Association (second floor)
  • Lyman Way - Photographer (third floor)
  • Osgood and Nissly Farm Management 1940's
  • Nissly and Nissly Farm Management and Accounting 1963 to present


Basement Level Buisnesses


  • Fred Freely - Gunsmith - early 1930's
  • Kenneth Rupp - Photographer - early 1930's
  • Jansen - plumber 1930's
  • Loveless - plumber 1940's
  • Glaza - plumber 1940's
  • Clark Kinney - Photographer